Enhancing Killarney as a 'Better Place to Live'

Our Foundation

The Killarney Foundation, a registered charitable community organization established in 1979, manages diverse Endowment Funds cultivated through gifts from individuals and organizations over time. Committed to perpetual preservation, the Foundation safeguards its capital, striving for growth through prudent investments. Semi-annual income distributions support qualifying charitable purposes in the Town of Killarney and its surrounding area. Your contribution to the Foundation serves the community now and in the future.

As one of over 201 members of the Community Foundations of Canada and one of 56 in Manitoba, the Killarney Foundation takes pride in its national involvement. Affiliated with The Winnipeg Foundation, the inaugural community foundation in Canada, we stand united in the shared mission to enhance Killarney as ‘a better place to live,’ a commitment embraced by our dedicated donors.

Killarney Blarney Stone

Our Community

Discover Killarney and Turtle Mountain

Nestled along the scenic shores of Killarney Lake, the Town of Killarney, and the encompassing Turtle Mountain area form a vibrant community boasting a population of approximately 3,500 residents.

Positioned strategically at the crossroads of Highways 3 and 18 in the Westman Region, Killarney is conveniently situated just an hour away from Brandon, the region’s largest city, and 300 kilometers from the provincial capital, Winnipeg.

The town’s location in the picturesque province of Manitoba, within the expansive Westman Region, reflects the heart of Canada’s prairies. Manitoba, known for its rich cultural tapestry and diverse landscapes, encapsulates the essence of Canadian hospitality. The Westman Region, where Killarney flourishes, adds to this allure with its unique blend of scenic beauty and warm community spirit. Together, they create an inviting haven where the tranquil charm of Killarney harmonizes with the broader tapestry of Manitoba’s welcoming embrace.