What is a Community Foundation?

Nurturing Sustainable Local Impact

A Community Foundation functions as a lasting source of support for local projects. It’s made up of funds that are carefully set aside, with only the interest earned being used each year. This ensures that the foundation can keep helping the community over the long term.

By holding onto the initial funds indefinitely, the foundation maintains a steady resource to meet ongoing needs. It’s a practical and sustainable way to make a positive impact on the community, both now and in the future.

What is a community foundation?
Empowering Positive Change Together

How a Community Foundation Works

1. Donors

Dedicated donors, driven by a genuine passion for making a positive impact and enriching the community they call home, graciously join us as esteemed partners in philanthropy.

2. Goals

The Community Foundation helps donors connect their passions with charitable resources. Setting goals makes a difference—for our donors and the community they care for.

3. Donations

Donations, in cash, stock, or other assets, bring immediate tax benefits. The Community Foundation offers flexible options for short-term or perpetual giving.

4. Impact

We assist donors in navigating charitable giving, connecting them with nonprofits aligned with their causes, ensuring their contributions make a meaningful difference.

5. Community Investments

The Community Foundation views its funding—grants, scholarships, and initiatives—as ‘community investments,’ fostering long-lasting positive impacts within the community.

6. Endowment

Donations to the Community Foundation typically join a permanent fund, growing strategically to meet future community needs and generating millions to address current challenges.