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Getting into philanthropy is more than just being generous; it’s about defining the nature and impact of your giving. Our commitment to community betterment is evident in a range of funds, each crafted for distinct purposes. Explore our philanthropy landscape to understand the versatility of our four fund types—each providing a unique avenue for your meaningful contributions.

Dig into the details of our philanthropy landscape and grasp the distinctive features of our four fund types. Each opens a pathway for making meaningful contributions. Explore the core of these funds, and let’s empower you to contribute with intention and vision, creating positive change in diverse and impactful ways.

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Four Versatile Fund Types

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Community Fund (Undesignated)

This fund empowers our Board of Directors to strategically allocate earnings through a dynamic grant application process. By embracing adaptability, it allows us to promptly respond to the evolving needs of our community, fostering a positive and sustainable impact.

Designated Fund

Individuals and organizations passionate about specific community needs find resonance in our Designated Funds. Whether contributing to existing funds or establishing new ones tailored to a particular cause, this avenue enables targeted support for projects that matter most to you.

Field of Interest Fund

Distinguished by donor-driven interests, the Field of Interest Fund allows contributors to specify a general area for fund utilization. Our Board, in turn, carefully identifies organizations and projects aligning with these preferences, ensuring a purposeful and meaningful allocation of resources.

Donor Advised Fund

Granting donors a dynamic role, the Donor Advised Fund affords the unique opportunity to guide our foundation annually. By offering insights into preferred charitable organizations, donors set the stage for impactful giving. This collaborative approach ensures that funds are directed towards causes close to the hearts of those who believe in the transformative power of philanthropy.

The Art of Compassionate Giving

Rooted in empathy and fueled by action, philanthropy embodies the enduring belief that every contribution, no matter the size, has the potential to make a meaningful impact on the well-being of others.

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I have found that among its other benefits, giving liberates the soul of the giver.


— Maya Angelou

Sustainable Giving for Tomorrow

What is an Endowment?

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Individuals, groups and organizations create endowment funds to secure consistent financial support for their philanthropic endeavors.

Contributions from donors play a pivotal role in sustaining these funds, either dedicated to specific causes or supporting the organization’s overarching mission. Nonprofit endowments often channel their efforts towards community development, environmental initiatives, education, or social services.

The investment strategies employed for these nonprofit endowments are meticulously designed to align with the organization’s objectives, guaranteeing a lasting and meaningful impact.

Beyond financial stability, nonprofit endowments signify a commitment to lasting impact. They embody a shared belief in philanthropy’s power for positive change.

Contributions Echo Through Generations

These funds establish a legacy, connecting donors to a timeless commitment, ensuring their contributions echo through generations. By leveraging endowments, nonprofits anticipate future needs, adapting their philanthropic efforts to create enduring, effective change.