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Join Us in Building a Stronger Community through Giving

Join us in building a more vibrant, healthy, and resilient community through the gift of giving to the Killarney Foundation.

Philanthropy is a powerful expression of community love and belief in collective positive change. It involves a heartfelt commitment to uplifting those in need and supporting initiatives for overall well-being.

Unity, Compassion & Purpose

Witnessing the positive impact on individuals and organizations within the community brings fulfillment beyond personal gain. Through active giving, there’s joy in contributing to community growth, resilience, and interconnectedness.

Giving to the Killarney Foundation, fosters unity, compassion, and shared purpose, making our community stronger and more vibrant.

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Join the Gift of Community Giving

Options, Motivations & Exploration

Killarney Manitoba Ways to Give

Ways to Give

Discover the power of philanthropy through our diverse giving options. The Killarney Foundation believes in providing you with flexibility and choice in supporting our mission.

Killarney Manitoba Reasons to Give

Reasons to Give

Embark on a journey with us into the heart of giving through our “Reasons to Give” reflection. Philanthropy intertwines the lives of donors and the vibrant community of Killarney, Manitoba.

Killarney Manitoba Create and Explore Funds

Create & Explore Funds

Explore our philanthropy landscape to understand the versatility of our four fund types—each providing a unique avenue for your meaningful contributions.

Killarney Manitoba Established Funds

Established Funds

Crafted and nurtured, our established funds embody the passions and commitments of our donors. Impact made possible by the visionaries who have entrusted us with their charitable legacies.

For it is in the giving that we receive.


— Saint Francis of Assisi

Gifts that Transform

Join Us in Creating Lasting Community Impact

  • Your donation to Killarney Foundation is placed in an endowed fund
  • The fund generates earnings
  • The earnings create money for grants
  • The grants support local nonprofits
  • The nonprofits do amazing work in our community
  • Your donation stays in the fund to generate even more earnings
  • This cycle continues to support nonprofits in our community

Community foundations offer a straightforward, impactful, and deeply personal avenue for philanthropy. Our range of giving tools empowers individuals to realize their charitable aspirations.

Whether your contribution is modest or substantial, its impact is significant, as it joins the Foundation’s investment pool. This pool generates income that later transforms into grants for non-profit organizations in Killarney, supporting remarkable projects and programs—all because someone like you chose to make a donation!


Fostering Positive Change

For the Community of Killarney, MB

Canadians contribute for various reasons and through diverse avenues. It may stem from a pure desire to do good, to assist others; for some, it ensures a lasting legacy, while for many, it sustains their favorite charity’s vital work. Others find it a way to navigate the tax implications associated with transferring their estate to surviving relatives.

Whatever your motivation, we invite you to stand with us, contributing to our ongoing efforts to create positive change in our community.