Our History

A Journey of Generosity and Commitment

Established in 1979 by the visionary philanthropist and lawyer, Keith Heming, The Killarney Foundation Inc. stands as a cornerstone of local community empowerment. Its inception, marked by the contributions of $100 each from the Town of Killarney and the Rural Municipality of Turtle Mountain, received its initial boost with a $100 donation from resident Vern Britton.

The Foundation’s commitment to community welfare materialized in its first grant of $200 in 1981, supporting the Meals on Wheels program’s acquisition of insulated containers. Keith Heming, a driving force behind the Foundation, dedicated numerous years to advocating the Foundation movement, leaving an indelible mark on both local and southwestern Manitoba communities.


A Beacon of Support

Keith Heming’s tireless efforts bore fruit in 1984 when the KF amassed funds totaling approximately $20,000, a testament to the success of an extensive information campaign. Subsequently, the community responded, with citizens of Killarney contributing and fostering a culture of giving. Over the years, the Killarney Foundation has become a beacon of support, as individuals and groups in Killarney and the surrounding area have wholeheartedly embraced its mission, making meaningful contributions that reverberate throughout the town and its environs.

Killarney Manitoba

Great things are done by a series of small things brought together.


— Vincent Van Gogh

Every Dollar Counts

Making a Difference in Our Community

Every donated dollar creates a substantial ripple in our community. Presently, the Killarney Foundation skillfully oversees a capital asset portfolio totaling $8.36 million, channeling its impact through grants, with just under $5 million already returned to fuel diverse community projects in Killarney and its surrounding areas.

Over the Years

Since its inception, contributors, whether anonymous or named, have generously donated to the Killarney Foundation, either towards a specific fund or to the Undesignated Community Fund.

Undoubtedly, every dollar donated catalyzes positive change within the community we serve. With your support, we are empowered to effect lasting and profound change, transforming challenges into opportunities.

We extend our deepest gratitude to each and every one of you for your contributions.



  • Estate of May Finlayson donates $167,000 to the Undesignated Endowment Fund
  • The Frank Collyer family establishes a $50,000 scholarship fund for Killarney School graduates; and a $20,000 endowment fund for Killarney Anglican Church
  • Wayne Freeman generously donates $350,000
  • Estate of Pearl Fast contributes $154,009 to the Undesignated Endowment Fund


  • Baldur and Area Endowment Fund is established to benefit the citizens of Baldur and area


  • Estate of John Edwark Clark provides $25,000 to the Undesignated General Fund for community purposes


  • The Estate of Edna Pearl Fast contributes $154,809 to the Undesignated General Fund for general puposes and to a Church Endowment Fund
  • The Estate of Harry Allen donates $40,000 to establish designated endowment funds for a Church fund, JAV David Museum and Lakeland Regional Library


  • Keith I.M. Heming establishes an Endowment Scholarship fund in his name to benefit Killarney students attending the U of M Law School, and throughout the course of his life, continues to contribute to the Foundation in excess of $100,000


  • $55,525 to Tri-Lake Health Centre for Remote Telemetry Sensing Equipment


  • Bob Craik donates, over the years, more than $70,000 in honor of his parents Alex and Bella Craik
  • 25,000 is provided through the Estate of Esther Kissick for general community purposes


  • In response to the Killarney Hospital Foundation Board’s request, the Killarney Foundation establishes the Killarney Hospital Endowment Fund and the Harvey Cobbledick Endowment Fund; funds of $588,538.39 are received
  • David Hendry is a substantial donor contributing over $249,000 in general donations over the course of his lifetime and through his estate, forms the David Hendry Hospital Endowment Fund for Killarney Hospital
  • Bob & Annie Church contribute over $500,000 during their lifetime toward the Undesignated Community Fund as well as establish an Endowment Fund benefiting the Killarney Hospital
  • Hank Thomson Estate contributes $872,997.90 toward the Undesignated Endowment Fund and establishes a $250,000 scholarship fund for Killarney School graduates’ continuing education after their first year


  • Sandy Lake and Area Endowment Fund is established to benefit the community of Sandy Lake, from an initial contribution of $25,000 from Earl Symonds
  • $26,000 Upgrade Palliative Care Room at Tri-Lake Hospital


  • $150,000 pledge to assist in Shamrock Centre build
  • The Clanwilliam-Erickson Endowment Fund is established to benefit its community through contributions from citizens in the Clanwilliam-Erickson area


  • $275,000 pledged for Ultrasound Equipment at Killarney Hospital


  • The Estate of William Davies contributes $100,000 to the Undesignated General Fund


  • $50,000 for local Splash Park


  • $60,000 to Minor Baseball to upgrade baseball diamonds


  • Jean Lovett donates $25,000 in memory of Winston Lovett


  • Irene Wild donates $40,000 for the creation of the Palliative Care/Bayside Fund; she subsequently donates further funds of $109,985 for the General Community Fund
  • $60,000 to Heritage Home for the Arts for refurbishment


  • The Kinsmen Club of Killarney establishes a scholarship fund with a $30,000 donation and provides an additional $5,000 through the Endow Challenge


  • Estate of Marguerite McKnight makes a generous donation of $80,000 to the General Community Fund
  • Jan Heming becomes a faithful and significant donor, contributing in excess of $24,000
  • The late Bob Fox of Killarney provides $56,443.41 through his Will
  • After 92 years of service in Killarney, the Killarney Elks provide their final act of generosity to the community with a donation of $29,977.90
  • $100,000 pledged to assist in build of new Fire Hall


  • $45,000 to Killarney School for new Computer equipment & microphones


  • Bob Bates provides an amazing gift of $833,329.12 through his Will
  • The late Roy Clark gifts $25,000 through his Will
  • The Dekezel Family provides $50,000 for a Baldur Scholarship
  • $50,000 is received from the Killarney Agricultural Society to form a new community fund and a scholarship fund
  • $279,000 to Tri-Lake Health Centre for Washroom upgrades, window installations, window coverings for Hospital and Bayside


  • $24,000 to JAV David Museum for new flooring


  • $126,677.66 is willed to the Foundation by the late Esther Lawson
  • The late Edith Randall provides $89,500 through her Will

Silent Impact, Lasting Change

Empowering Community Growth

Throughout the years, numerous anonymous contributors have either initiated funds or made donations to the Undesignated General Fund.

Guided by the steadfast leadership of the Foundation’s devoted Board of Directors, the Killarney Foundation utilizes the generated income from strategically invested funds to extend grants to a diverse array of community projects.

Our purpose is to unite individuals and groups aspiring to create a lasting impact on our community, fostering collaboration for sustained positive change.