Our Board

A Passionate Collective

Comprising 7 to 10 dedicated Volunteer Directors, our Board is a passionate collective committed to driving positive change within the community.

Directorship Dynamics

The Board is skillfully helmed by the Mayor of Killarney-Turtle Mountain, serving as the Chair, accompanied by an additional Municipal Councilor. The remaining Directors are residents of the Municipality of Killarney-Turtle Mountain, ensuring a diverse and community-centric leadership.

Our Mission Statement

Guided by our mission, “To be a catalyst for strengthening community well-being, now and for future generations, by promoting philanthropy, creating partnerships, and supporting diverse charitable organizations.”, we are dedicated to actively fostering community well-being, cultivating philanthropy, forging meaningful partnerships, and championing a variety of charitable causes.

The Killarney Foundation Board Members
BACK ROW/LEFT-RIGHT: Shelley Vandenberghe (Secretary), Kim English, Susan Blixhavn, Janice Smith, Jackie Mitchell (Treasurer), Brett Skeoch

FRONT ROW/LEFT-RIGHT: Ed Dow, David Jones, Jaret Box, Matthew Nichol

Founded on November 5, 1979

Community Legacy and Philanthropic Vision


The inception of the Killarney Foundation traces back to November 5, 1979, under the visionary leadership of the late KEITH I. M. HEMING C.M., Q.C.

Serving as the Secretary-Treasurer from its founding until his passing on July 5, 2016, Mr. Heming was a stalwart force behind the Foundation’s growth and management. With a distinguished legal career in Killarney and the surrounding area spanning from 1977 to 1997, he was not only a devoted member of the local Kinsmen Club but also received prestigious accolades such as the Queen’s Counsel designation in 1989, the Order of Canada in 1999, and the Queen’s Jubilee Medal in 2002. Engaging beyond local boundaries, he was a member of Community Foundations of Canada and contributed to the Parole Board of Canada.

Recognized for his dedication, Mr. Heming was honored with the MB Council on Aging Recognition Award in 2014. His enduring commitment to the Killarney Foundation extended beyond its borders, as he played a crucial role in aiding other communities in establishing their own foundations. The Killarney Foundation stands as a testament to Mr. Heming’s foresight and enduring legacy, a profound gift to our community that continues to flourish and benefit generations to come.

“None of the Foundation’s activities would have been possible without the generous support of our donors.” Keith Heming

Keith Heming
Honoring Our Past

A Legacy of Leadership and Dedication to Community Flourishment

Past Board Chairs

  • George Dow
  • Gordon Church
  • Ivan Lawson
  • E.C. (Coke) Hartwell
  • Ronald Opperman
  • Wayne Nichol
  • Sandra Warnez
  • Mark Witherspoon
  • Dwight King
  • Brian Moore
  • Rick Pauls
  • Mervin Tweed

Past Board Members

  • Eileen Bate
  • Gerrald Blixhavn
  • Connie Blixhavn
  • Mike K. Bellew
  • Laura Campbell
  • Ronald Chapman
  • Holly Charles
  • James Cobbledick
  • Lori Cuvelier
  • Mary Enns
  • Clint Fleming
  • Mary Hall
  • Peter Heide 
  • Randall Hodge


  • Margaret Howarth
  • Norman Lewis
  • Robert MacDonald
  • Cheryl McTaggart
  • Jacqueline Mitchell
  • Ivan Nichol
  • Wayne Nichol
  • Roy Pugh
  • Gordon Shackel
  • Janice Smith
  • Gwen Tripp
  • Bette Whitelock
  • Lorne Whitelock